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Kill the Buddha! will be published this week…

St Arthur’s Court Publishing, London will be bringing out, in ebook, Kill the Buddha! the week of 3/30.

Publisher’s ‘Blurb’ for Kill the Buddha!

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Set in the homeless and ‘startup’ gentrification wars of contemporary San Francisco, serial killer Ben X, the son of a 60’s damaged father and an unknown mother, sets out to slay the civil service employees of the city. He has vowed revenge for the loss of his family home. Ben covers his tracks with what he calls Buddhist bromide, New Age clichés, that lull the unsuspecting into catastrophe. In a manic first person narrative, this monster’s violence is complicated by his sexual masochism, family protectiveness, and a flare for the cutting insight.

As he progresses in the killings, he finds he has a psychotic ability to read other’s thoughts giving him even further motivation and rage. His family expands from his brain damaged aphorism-saying father to a young refugee whose mother was captured by Federal authorities. Living in a homeless settlement, other figures appear— Marie, a kept woman sadist, a chain saw killer of the homeless, and his ultimate target, the mayor of San Francisco. In this white knuckle quest for revenge, Ben X’s surprising family roots are revealed.

Echoing the shockers of Jim Harrison’s The Killer Inside Me, The Silence of the Lambs, and The Girl with the Golden Tattoo, Kill the Buddha! Is both a contemporary violent noir and a twisted psychological thriller.

Shadow of the Therapist: Origins of ‘Kill the Buddha!’

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His shoulders cave forward, shaking, as he cries. The shooting, the bullied kids, the wife battling disease. The overtime. Unfair promotions. He is, at last, broken. The therapist’s job is to, first and foremost, to hear him. Make that feeling resonant connection. Therein lies the healing. Or her— the one with the rambling alcoholic husband. And the others…

They ask— doesn’t it get to you?

True that.

Want do you do to help yourself?

Which self? I don’t reply. That other self, I whisper to myself.

Carl Jung, the great dream psychologist, theorized that the negative aspects of the self that are denied by the usual community standards are plunged into the unconscious.


There they reside, safe from the community and self’s disapproval. But they are also, without one’s awareness, prone to creating physical disturbances, anxiety, and most disturbing of all, projection. With the latter, all that internal garbage gets projected onto a mate, community, a race. The homicide of genocide is also an economic and psychological suicide.

This therapist who listens and feels and, at times cries, in a session, subsumes his crazy self, rage, self destruction and the rest in stories. The helplessness of psychotherapy into a trickster priest. The need for calmness and healing into shoot ‘em up Westerns. And now, the seeing daily the tragedy of violence, has become the tale of a serial killer. But, in an unconscious move, this serial killer has a heart. He is complicated.

As are we all.

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