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Husband gets Kathi Kamen Goldmark’s novel out to the world

@TanyaVlach and I met with Sam a couple of months ago. He heads up Book Passage’s Path to Publishing program. He told us this story. Good guy: humor, compassion toward the writer in the rough and tumble world publishing.


The Golden Chalice of Hunahpu

The Golden Chalice of Hunahpu will be published this Fall by Full Court Press.
Here’s what one reviewer had to say:

5.0 out of 5 stars Historical Fiction Page-Turner
By Gonian Male
The Golden Chalice of the Hunahpu, by William Vlach, is a delightful and sophisticated work of art. The years of the Spanish conquest of the Maya (Southeast Mexico & Central America) are brought to life in the first-person narratives of three powerfully rendered characters: a high-caste Mayan boy who grows to manhood during the era; a female Spanish aristocrat who marries a conquistador and follows him to the New World, eventually becoming a despot in her own right; and a fairly decent Spanish monk who provides a window into the dark soul of the Spanish Inquisition… which, sadly, arrived in the New World like a ship-borne pack of stowaway rats.

Those of us who were skeptical of the so-called “history” portrayed in the Euro-propagandistic schoolbooks of the Fifties and Sixties have yearned for such a book as Vlach’s. His research, both historic and linguistic, sets a strikingly realistic stage for this poetic and insightful novel. If Vlach tends to favor one party over the other, I suppose his sympathies lie with the Maya… but mostly because their story needed to be told. Other than that, the book is quite even-handed. Vlach doesn’t blink at portraying the stubborn superstitions and cruelties of either culture, nor does he shy away from the profound courage, on both sides, that powered this cataclysmic series of events.

Five stars: both for adding several layers of truth to history, and for creating such a riveting tale.


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